Moving neon cube - (physical neon animation sculpture)

10:15 AM

Berlin based artist Jeppe Hein is an enthusiast when it comes to working with technology, he is deeply interested in it's capacity to to challenge the human's expectation of what an artwork can be, his artwork present a refined concept of interactivity, where the link between the viewer and the response from the artwork are neither obvious nor immediate.

He often uses an archetypical cube in his artworks as a minimalist approach, being the most abstract and stable form of all, which in return makes it move in an unpredictable way, creating some kind of a theatrical approach to his modern take on the heritage of minimalism.

In this project the sculpture consists of 12 neon cubes, chained together in the shape of a large square in the ground, the different cubes are then lit in sequence to in a conitnues loop giving the impression of a rolling cube.

Year: 2004
Material: Neon tubes, transformer
Dimensions: 70 x 250 x 250 cm

Connected Presence - Jeppe Hein/Johannes Wohnseifer, Union Gallery, London, UK, 2004
Light Lab, MUSEION Museum of Contemporary Art, Bolzano, IT, 2005


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