The Magic Mountain, Ames (2002)

4:53 AM

Project name : The Magic Mountain.
Concept : Roses, Insects and Butterflies Amalgam.
Year of proposal : 2002
Location : Ames, Iowa, USA.
Materials : Membrane of roses, honeysuckle, lights.
Project type : Skin design proposal for an existing building [power station].

Exterior view  

Relationships between elements concept 

Skin Study 

Butterfly ecosystems 

Bird Families 

"a piece of landscape inside the city, totally covered with a membrane of roses, lights and honeysuckle shrouding and unifying them with a silhouette and a single common material."

"Like a real mountain, the membrane tries to attract the most important butterfly species, right on the southward migratory route on the American continent. And will provide a resting place for migrating birds and turn into an artificial alternative to the disappeared forests and wetlands."

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