Julius Popp

7:52 AM

Name: Julius Popp
Occupation : Artist

Design field: Art using electronic components. 
Material of choice: Electronic components. pumps, tubes, 
Selected works :
  • Bit.Flow | 2004–2008
  • Bit.Fall | 2001 - 2006 
Most prominent style : Crossroad between art and science. 
Years active : 2001  - present.
Location : Leipzig, Germany. 

Bit.Fall Project :
An automated display made of rain, creating a water curtain that can display images and texts : 320 nozzles, controlled via computer software (Processing) by electromagnetic valves, emit individual parts of water.

Bit.Fall Project 

Bit.Flow Project :
A certain type of liquid is pumped through a 45 meter long tube laid out on a wall, this project was a prototype and a transparent liquid serves as an invisible carrier while a tinted one forms drops or lines, as an equivalent of one or several pixels
By using a motion-tacking device, a computer program (Processing) imposes order, pumping the fluids into the tube in controlled measure to form linear patterns creating a meaningful image.

Bit.Flow Project

References :
Digital by Design Troika

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