Listening Post

9:33 AM

Style : Electronic installation | Internet based art. 
Designers: : Mark Hansen, Ben Rubin.
Location : Brooklyn Academy of Music.
Year : 2001
Objects : 200 small vacuum florescent electronic screens, voice synthesizers, four computers. 

Words from the Designers :

"From its conception, listening post has been a product of our combined talents. The space is as much about an artistic expression as it is data analysis"
-Mark Hansen

"I used t wonder whether it might be possible to hear the sounds of ancient potters chatting by 'playing' the grooves formed on pots thrown a thousand years ago. For years I have thought about ways to hear inaudible phenomena, ways to map the observable world into the sound domain"
-Ben Rubin

Listening Post

Listening Post 

How does it work :
It culls text fragments in real time from thousands of unrestricted internet chat rooms, bulletin boards and other public forums. Then the texts are read/sung by several voice synthesizers and simultaneously displayed on the screens.

It has six movements, each with a different arrangement of visual, aural and musical elements, and it's own data processing logic.


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