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Name: Loop.pH Studio 
Occupation : Experimental Laboratory in design, architecture and science. 

Design field: Architecture, Installations and Product design. 
Most prominent style : Responsive and light emmitting surfaces and structures for the built environment. 
Years active : 2003  - present. 
Location : London, UK. 

London based spatial laboratory experimenting across the fields of design, architecture and the sciences, set up in 2003 by  Mathias Gmachl and Rachel Wingfield.

The lab explores electronically responsive and light-emitting surfaces and structures for the built environment, their work reflects the background of Wingfield as a textile designer and Gmachl's interest in geometry.

"As a studio we create visionary experiences and environments that allow people to dream and re-imagine new visions for our future. We explore the role of art and design in public space by working outside of the gallery, museum and laboratory.

Our work speculates on near and far future scenarios as a way to probe at the social and environmental impact of emerging biological and technological futures. The environments we create often synthesise living materials with digital tools, whilst exploring a new role for designers working at an urban scale.

We work with a range of clients on a commission basis, to create brand experiences, public engagement initiatives and deliver talks and workshops Internationally."

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Projects by 

The SOL Dome
Location : Saginaw, Great Lakes Bay Region, Michigan, USA
Date : 28 September - 31 October 2013
CLIENT: Fall In… Art and Sol

Fall In…Art and Sol is a celebration of art, culture and science throughout Michigan’s Great Lakes Bay Region featuring the world’s first major solar art exhibition with International artists in October 2013.

"The SOL Dome is a lightweight dome structure, 8 metre in diameter, 4 metre high and weighing only 40 kg. Its fabricated onsite over 3 days from thousands of individually woven circles of composite fibre. The structure is animated and part of a responsive lighting system, lit by a circular matrix of solar powered LED floodlights. The rotational breathing rhythm of the light is driven by an onsite CO2 sensor and is part of our studios ongoing research into creating environments that allow people to experience cycles of environmental data in public space. The underlying geometry and construction technique of the dome is based on chemical, molecular bonds between carbon atoms. When each fibre is bent into a circle it is like charging a battery, creating a taut energetic structure."

Projects by 


Location : Dadaocheng Waterfront, Taipei
Date: 26 Feb – 6 Mar 2016
CLIENT: Shin Kong Life

"Vel02 is a spectacular installation of light that celebrates the link between active and healthy cities, launched in Taipei in 2016.

A dynamic light commission activated at speed by participants and staged during Velo-City Global 2016, the world’s most important cycling conference hosted in Taipei.

VelO2 by Loop.pH, draws attention to the importance of active lifestyles and air quality in building sustainable smart cities.

Fleeting trails of light are created as participants physically interact with the installation through cycling at speed. The light visually communicates local air quality with dynamic branching structures reminiscent of trees and the tubular networks in our lungs. The installation uses an advanced air quality sensor provided by Change London to collect the fluctuating live data that measures six different air pollutants from three gasses and three different particle sizes. It then translated the live data from the sensor into seven different breathing rhythms and colours of light, passing from green to a dark red for dangerous levels of pollutants and creating a kind of warning system based on the international standard Air Quality Index.

VelO2 draws on the field of aerodynamics, the study of air in motion, to communicate the dynamic and borderless nature of our planet’s fragile atmosphere. On top of the tree like structure is a network of ephemeral tunnels that move gently with the breeze.

Visitors to the installation are provided with bikes to try out the tracks as we hoped that encouraging citizens to take up cycling in a fun and social environment could help Taiwan tackle its air pollution issues."

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